Welcome to the inaugural newsletter for the Association. This newsletter will be periodically posted to update and inform members of events within the WDUAA.

I am happy to report that due to the unselfish and unpaid hard work of our Executive officers via fundraising matches that the Association has had its most successful financial year for many years. In view of this we have retained the current price structure for 2015 despite on - costs to us from incumbent landowners for our current venues and despite dwindling membership. This will enable us to actively pursue additions to our portfolio of venues going forward; a process we assure you is on gonging continually. I wish to express my public gratitude to all the Executive Officers of the association that give all their time and efforts completely free of charge for the love of our Association. No honoraria or expenses are paid to a single member of the Executive committee for all their hard work in managing and improving our Association.

The Association has decided going forward to re-balance the fees of club affiliated cards to encompass a two tier structure for affiliated clubs as with current Honorary or individual members.
This will encompass Senior and Concessionary cards only removing junior and disabled fees which we feel are unbalanced and are in need of reconciliation. This will apply for 2016 fees and notification of prices will follow in later news bulletins. This I am sure you will agree will be a much fairer price structure for all members and is certainly not designed to generate funds.

The Executive committee has been re-vamped this year following the retirement of Veronica Smith and her husband Rob who managed quite splendidly our finances, records and water allocation for many previous years. “Ronnie” received our most sincere gratitude for all her efforts during many years after inheriting a volatile position previously and restoring good practices of financial management sadly lacking previously.
Ronnie’s position of Finance Manager has been taken over by Mark Hone, a current Executive Officer and member of Carr’s Angling Society.
The position of Water Allocation and Records has been taken over by Terry Peckham, again a current Executive Officer and also a member of Carr’s Angling Society.
Our new Superintendent Bailiff is a welcome younger member of the Executive committee recently recruited into the position. A big welcome to Allan Prosser whose first task this week end will be to manage the installation of some new platforms at Pensham.

The unfortunate setback of losing Piddle Lake due to the excessive demands of the landowner, continually poor results from the venue following the fish kill in 2013 and despite the subsequent stocking of over 700 carp into the venue funded by the WDUAA was a disappointing setback to us. Every effort was made by the Association to assist the landowner including providing recommendations by the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust, however, the landowner sought to ignore the recommendations despite grants being available to subsidise the improvements. It is now the owner’s intentions to open the venue as syndicate water and the WDUAA wish him luck in his challenging task to recruit individual members.
Please be advised that comments received to Association members from the landowner that the WDUAA had not paid the required fees were totally false and the WDUAA were completely honourable in their activities as always.
Regrettably the new honorary WDUAA cards did not publicise the omission of Piddle Lake and the acquisition of Witley Court - an error for which we sincerely apologise. This will be rectified going forward.

Barbourne Pool
Tenure for Monday to Saturday fishing has been secured for 2015 and negotiations are ongoing to secure an allocation of Sunday matches for this year. As with all WDUAA venues, please check water availability on the website before fishing. Any issues with water availability please contact Terry Peckham our new Water Allocation and Records officer for the Association. Contact details are available on this website.

Witley Court.
This is our new predominantly silver fish venue which we have secured for 2015 to assess viability and fish catches. Initial matches have been won with double figures of predominantly roach and decent skimmers up to 1.5lbs with the odd big carp and eels being caught. We have had assurances from the landowners that the pool will be re-stocked with further fish during this year from the estates other pools; however, no dates have been set as yet.
The pool is very deep in places but do not be fooled into thinking that all fish are to be caught at full depth. Many pleasure anglers have had good bags of silvers fishing shallow throughout the back end of 2014.

This venue is currently managed by two hard working Executive officers of the Association - Jerry Bartlett who is currently recovering at home after major surgery recently, and Fred Penn. This tremendous venue requires a great deal of bank maintenance due to the intense level of bank side vegetation which is actively cleared between three and four times a year by a posse of officers. Stages are being restored as an ongoing project and this is now managed by Allan Prosser.
This venue produced numerous 100lbs bags of particularly big bream year and other catches of big tench, carp and recently barbel have been reported. See the website for pictorial evidence.

West Diglis
I received a report this week of a 50lbs catch of chub caught last week at West Diglis using waggler and maggot tactics opposite the flats. The angler in question, however, lost his phone on the day so no photographic evidence is available but in his words cannot wait to get there again to catch chub up to 5lbs.

Canal results.
2014 produced the highest weights during WDUAA match history. Weights to 25lbs of silvers and big bream complimented by the odd big carp won opens organised by President and match secretary Colin Pettifer. Paul Wilson’s catch in excess 22lbs in a recent event is well worthy of recognition.

It is my intention to inform you of match and individual results from our venues, however, can I please politely ask you all to notify me of your achievements using any of the communication medias available and please send pictures so we can publicise your efforts and promote our Association.
My contact details are on the website and please feel free to contact me at any time. It is my intention to launch a Facebook page going forward when I can fathom out how it is done!

This year’s AGM took place on the 18th February 2015 and was well attended by members and delegates and our thanks to all for making the effort to attend.

The book issue for affiliated clubs is the 14th March 2015. A letter has been sent to club secretaries.

My sincere best wishes to you all for the coming year and as I always say
                                  “May all your lumps be big ones”

Ray Ravenall - Chairman

Pensham News.

If you have not already heard I am writing to tell you of an amazing catch of fish on the Association’s stretch of water at Pensham on the river Avon. The capture was by none other than our own Chairman Ray Ravenall in a club match on the 8th March 2015 and I am reporting this as I know he is too modest to do so himself. Fishing groundbait feeder with maggot and worm on the hook Ray caught a magnificent 198lb 6oz of mainly bream. This is a river Avon 5 hour match record and proof, if ever it was needed, of the potential of this water. This catch is being widely reported in the angling news so you may want to consider booking any matches on the stretch going forward before hopefully the bookings from external clubs come flooding in after the close season. I am sure Terry Peckham the Water Allocation Officer will be delighted to hear from you.

In further news from Pensham I am pleased to report that a total of 7 new fishing platforms have been installed by the new Chief Superintendent Bailiff, Allan Prosser, who has quickly sent a message to the Association’s members that he intends to do all he can to improve the fishing experience for those who join the Association. Our thanks go to him and he promises further work will be done at Pensham in the close season.

There will be some open matches held at Pensham later in the season, please contact the Water Allocation Officer, Mr Terry Peckham, or refer to the web page for further details.

Mark Hone
Honorary Secretary.

“The first 2016 WDUAA Thursday Canal Open Contest will be held this week on 2nd June. Further Birmingham/Worcester Canal Open Contests are scheduled for 16th and 30th  June and 14th  and 28th July. All draws at 09.00 on Perdiswell Leisure Centre Car Park. Please arrive early.

All welcome. No booking, membership card or day ticket needed. £15 match fee payable at the draw. A total of £50 or £3 per contestant (whichever sum is the greater) will be paid into WDUAA funds. What remains of the entry fees collected on the day will all be paid out in cash prizes. Depending on how many anglers fish each contest, we may be able to pay out a £100 first prize with proportional cash awards for the first and second placed individuals plus two section winner payments. The more anglers who enter each open contest, the more we can pay out in cash prizes! 

If you are over sixty and want to fish the Pensioners’ League (best four results out of five contests to count) which runs inside the Thursday Canal Opens (at no additional match fee) then please bring your WDUAA Card with you or buy one from Jerry Bartlett (cost £20) just before the 09.00 draw 0n 02.06.16.

Cash prizes for the Pensioners’ League are neither paid out of WDUAA funds nor are they deducted from the monies collected in open contest entry fees. All Pensioners’ League costs are funded out of the proceeds of the raffles which we organise before each Open Contest draw. Surplus raffle monies are paid into WDUAA funds.

There are no cash prizes for the highest placed pensioners in each Open Contest. We aim to make money awards to the first three individual anglers aged over sixty with the highest points totals at the end of the five match series. Final positions are calculated by discounting each pensioner angler’s lowest points total and aggregating his/her points total from each of his/her four most successful contests. Pensioners’ contest points are allocated after removing from the weigh in sheets all the “not over sixty years of age” open match anglers’ results.

A bottle of whisky goes to the pensioner with best five contest weight aggregate who has not won a cash prize in any of the Open Contests or in the Pensioners’ League.

By the way, the winning weight in a contest held on the Birmingham and Worcester Canal at Perdiswell on Sunday 29 May was 33-07-00.”