Headquarters - Barbourne Ex-Service Mens Club
                   The Moors, Worester.
Will members please note that there is a Canoe Event schedulaed for the 12 JULY 2015 on the Birmingham to Worcester canal sections which is likely to cause severe disrution. To avoid would be prudent. This disruption may also extend to adjacent river venues.
We have received a letter from the Canal and Rivers Trust representing some of the residents of Rushton Court who’s flats and apartments back on to the Worcester & Birmingham canal between Bridge 2 (Mill Street) and Bridge 3 (Sidbury). They wished to raise their concerns over the number of anglers that appear to be urinating in the hedge row with no consideration for the properties and residents that live in them on the opposite side of the canal.
We politely request that all anglers representing the WDUAA please observe the comments and observe due consideration when answering a call of nature in such residential areas.
Many thanks for your co-operation.
Ray Ravenall - Chairman WDUAA.
Due to printing errors, Honorary WDUAA cards still display Piddle Lake still as a WDUAA venue. The tenure of this
venue was surrendered at the end of 2014.
Our new pool at Witley Court has been omitted from the cards again in error but we confirm this is an Association venue.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by these errors.

Members have been requested by Councillor Matthew Jenkins (St. Stephen division) to refrain from parking
on the canal bridge on Bilford Road as it reduces visability for local pavement users crossing the road.

Although there is currently no lawfull parking restrictions members cooperation is requested and would be appreciated by all concerned.

We have received a complaint reference noisy, rude and disorderly anglers from a resident living in a property overlooking the canal  between bridges 2 and 3. This complaint has been escalated to the Canal and Rivers Trust who have contacted the Association.
Upon investigation, there is no record of a competition on the stretch therefore those responsible were individual and potentially non - WDUAA members fishing on the canal.

May we politely remind our members of their responsibilities to consider residents living adjacent to all our venues in particular in canal side properties and refrain from noisy and abusive behaviour.
The area in question will come under close scrutiny in the near future and action will be taken against offenders.
Thank you for your co-operation.


“Can WE politely remind all WDUAA anglers that all tins and glass bottles are not allowed to be taken to any WDUAA venue. It has been observed that this rule has become somewhat relaxed of late so please re-iterate to all.

Thank you for your co-operation.”
This Sunday 10th July. Approximately 100 kayaks and Canoes will be paddling from the centre of Worcester, to Diglis Basin, up the Worcester to Birmingham Canal to the Hanbury Junction, turning left onto the Droitwich Canal back to the Severn at Hawford, then downstream back to Worcester. All paddlers will be portaging around the locks.

Starts will be staggered from 9am to 11am, which should mean that we are clear of the locks at Oddingly by 1pm, and clear of the Droitwich Canal by 5pm

All participants have been asked to respect other waterways users; fishermen, rowers and other boat users. We are aiming for a fun, amiable day for all

Regrettably it has been brought to the Associations attention that WDUAA anglers are fishing non-WDUAA pools on the Witley estate and are subsequently being abusive to the estate manager when being asked to re-locate to the WDUAA pool.

Please note that the pool is clearly identified on the website and there is no excuse for anglers illegally fishing and abusing estate female and male staff.
Additional signage at the WDUAA silver fish pool will be installed in the imminent future and the estate head bailiff will be assisting with removing anglers who blatantly ignore WDUAA information.
I have requested membership information from the estate managers of anglers illegally fishing and such individuals will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Thank you for your co-operation.