Headquarters - Barbourne Ex-Service Mens Club
                   The Moors, Worester.
Will members please note that there is a Canoe Event schedulaed for the 12 JULY 2015 on the Birmingham to Worcester canal sections which is likely to cause severe disrution. To avoid would be prudent. This disruption may also extend to adjacent river venues.
We have received a letter from the Canal and Rivers Trust representing some of the residents of Rushton Court who’s flats and apartments back on to the Worcester & Birmingham canal between Bridge 2 (Mill Street) and Bridge 3 (Sidbury). They wished to raise their concerns over the number of anglers that appear to be urinating in the hedge row with no consideration for the properties and residents that live in them on the opposite side of the canal.
We politely request that all anglers representing the WDUAA please observe the comments and observe due consideration when answering a call of nature in such residential areas.
Many thanks for your co-operation.
Ray Ravenall - Chairman WDUAA.
Dear Worcester & District United Anglers Association,

As we are now only 6 weeks out from the Worcester City run, taking place on Sunday 17th September, I wanted to get in touch to inform you of the road closures that will be in place throughout the city centre and how it might affect your members.

Road closures will be implemented around from the city from 06:00 for Croft Road & Grandstand Road, and then 08:00 for all others. Full details of the road closure timings will be circulated early next week. We would appreciate it if you could communicate this information with the members of your club.

Please be aware that the route uses the River Footpath from the city centre up to the pedestrian bridge by Diglis along the city side and returns along the River Path on the opposite side. Please note that the route is unchanged from last year. Runners will be expected on the path between 09:05am - 11:30am.

As with previous years, we would really appreciate your cooperation and support for the event. If you need any further information or have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask or visit our website:
www.worcestercityrun.com <http://www.worcestercityrun.com>

Thanks again for your support; if you could confirm that you have received this information by receipt of email that would be hugely appreciated.